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LOCKDOWN Community Ballet Class 

The aim of this project is to #keepingdancersdancing at the time of crisis during the period of Perintah Pergerakan Kawalan (Movement Control Order) in Malaysia from 18 March - 28 April. We are determined to provide classes and support dancers and dance studios as our way to address the social crisis at hand for the dance community. Staying true to Tarinao's core value system of biopsychosocial approach, we are curating classes that meet the biological, psychological, and social needs of dancers, from beginners to professionals at no costs at all.  

About classes that meet biopsychosocial approach:

  1. Biology: Keep your body moving safely within the limited compounds (of a typical 2 metre² home practice space)

  2. Psychology: Slow and gentle class that gives you time to check into your mind through your body's voice. 

  3. Social: FB Live classes to keep you connected with the community, with the people. 

Tarinao is currently run single-handedly by founder, Jia Xi Lee whose projects and regular classes were forced to be postponed or cancelled completely. Her sole purpose is to keep the classes running for free and encourage more people to join in the good spirits of sharing and caring. However, for those likes what she does at Tarinao, and have some spare, you may choose to make a donation to Tarinao to support this current project and future projects with the link below:

List your LIVE Online Class

Dancers, teachers, studio owners.

We applaud you for your continuous effort to provide online classes to keep your students dancing. We would like to share your live sessions with dancers and non-dancers to keep dancing at times of crisis and lockdown. And if you're still thinking whether to do it or not, we urge you, to just do it!

Follow the link below to sign up, and be featured on TARINAO for dance enthusiasts to find you, and those outside of the dance community to be inspired by our KEEP CALM and DANCE ON attitude.

Full disclosure:

  • Everything we do at TARINAO at this time of crisis until 14 April 2020 is neither sponsored nor paid for by our members or partners. 

  • Our focus is on #keepingdancersdancing.

  • Voluntary donations are welcomed for those who like what we do and would like to support our current and upcoming projects of promoting dance for the people by the people.


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