y o g a

Certified yoga instructor, creating a flow of asanas to help you get back to your rhythm of peace and optimal performance. 


Yoga, one of the many definitions means BALANCE. It is not only spiritually sound, it is also highly beneficial in finding alignment and fixing any bad postural habits acculumated from our daily habits of feeding on technology bites.


Balance your body, mind, and soul. Write to us about your goals, and we will meet yours. Please include:

1. Total number of participants

2. Goals

3. Day job (to gauge possible postural aches and pain areas)

Body Conditioning

Contrary to yoga which focuses on the balance of body, mind and soul. Body conditioning focuses on achieving strength and flexibility to meet a specific goal, such as cardiovascular endurance, rehabilitation, flexibility and or strength in specific areas of the body.


Body conditioning uses evidence-based practice to increase the efficiency of reaching strength and flexibility that helps you to reach your new heights in your physical training. Be sure to consult relevant professionals prior to booking a class with us if you have existing injury or pain. 

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