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What is Tarinao

Pioneering the use of the biopsychosocial approach in teaching, learning, and the creative process of dance that empower, motivate and engage with the community.


Focused on building mental resilience, dance education at Tarinao uses the approach of the biopsychosocial (balancing the physical, mental and social aspect of the whole person) to highlight the unique strength of each student. We not only welcome students of all ages, shapes, and sizes (and yes, even flexibility) we go further to celebrate the diverse body type in each person. We teach the transference of inspiration and passion for dance into life and life into dance.

Tarinao enjoys creating works with the purpose that is in line with peace and sustainable development goals. Collaborate with us to use dance as a powerful medium for your campaign or activities to enhance the visual and emotional impact unto your audience, through the movement of life.



Founder & Director


Jia Xi Lee

Graduated from New Zealand School of Dance in 2012, she worked professionally with Royal New Zealand Ballet and Singapore Dance Theatre. In 2019, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Communication Arts. Jia Xi was awarded the Best Lead/Featured Performer at the 17th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards, 2020. She founded Tarinao in 2017 to promote dance education through compassionate and motivational teaching methods with her psychology background. She works on both creative and educational projects, to stimulate creativity and innovation in dance through the biopsychosocial approach in dance practice.

As an independent dance artist, she has worked with local and international choreographers, artists and producers including JS Wong, Low Ming Yam, Fauzi Amirudin, Ix Wong, Lok Soke Kim, Kuik Swee Boon, Kenny Shim, Balletbase, Ellie Zhou Ballet Studio, and KongsiKL. She recently spearheaded a few online dance projects through Tarinao, including LOCKDOWN Community Dance Project providing online classes and dance resources; #DanceforNUKEBan, and international collaboration aiming to use dance to create awareness about the nuclear ban.

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