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Creating works across communities for causes in line with peace and sustainable development goals.

Collaborate with us

At Tarinao, we are passionate about meaningful partnerships and collaborations that will benefit both our community and yours. Our goal is to create unique projects that foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration to generate and exchange new perspectives that are in line with the global sustainable development goals through our expertise in dance that is inherently inclusive. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about how we can work together.

Past Creative Collaborations

Individuals were informed, slowly, but surely, leading to the 21st century, a century of peace, where the dynamism of peace continues, so long as we continue to take action and stand for our respective individual voices, together, while respecting the voices of others. Nuclear weapons may be banned but most importantly it has to be continued to be banned in the minds of each individual.

Founder/Director, Jia Xi Lee

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