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Adult Ballet

Designed with a focus on strength building and maintenance for sustainable fitness and health. Suitable for all age groups above 18.

1 hr 15 min

Tarinao Dance Studio

Adult Ballet
  • Focus on using the body awareness and conditioning aspect of dance to achieve the beautiful tone and fitness of a ballet dancer.

  • Our eclectic and holistic approach is based strongly on the knowledge of neuroscience, psychology, anatomy and the body conditioning often used by ballet dancers: yoga, pilates, gyrotonics.

  • Our classes provide varying options to accommodate your individual needs.

Who is this suitable for?

It is open level, accommodation will be made for each body at every level of training. We are experienced in conducting classes for ages 40 up to 80. If you're younger, you're also welcome to join us today and explore the world of ballet in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Class structure

  • Small groups of a maximum of 8 people per class

  • Allowing more personalized feedback for each dancer

Service Contract

  • Each session has a duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

  • To enjoy the benefits of being a registered dancer and member at Tarinao, choose from our monthly class plans offering 4, 8, or 12 classes per month.

  • Classes will not be held during school holidays and public holidays. Notification of these holidays will be provided in advance based on the school year.

  • During studio closure for term breaks, class plans will be temporarily paused and resumed after studio reopens to extend the one-month validity of class plans.




(save 10%)


(save 15%)


(save 20%)

75 min

INR 1,350/class

INR 1,275/class

INR 1,200/class

INR 5,400/month

INR 10,200/month

INR 14,400/month

For Adult Ballet and Contemporary Dance:

  • Classes are designed as an open programme that is structured based on topics or concepts in dance and movement chosen by the teaching staff, e.g. emotions, relationship of bodies, alignment, kinesphere, etc. 

  • Each class or month will introduce a new concept or idea to be explored through guided improvisation.


Download the service contract to read through all the terms of contract that will apply to all dancers enrolled on services including Adult Ballet and Contemporary Dance.

Adult Dancers Service Contract
Download PDF • 220KB

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