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ATAP Level 3

Ballet for 9+years old

1 hr 15 min

Tarinao Dance Studio

ATAP Level 3
  • We run the innovative Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme (ATAP) of the Royal Ballet School of London based on their holistic system of training.

  • We are an active member of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) to ensure we stay abreast with the latest international dance research. 

  • Our goal is to nurture and support the development of the next generation of creative artists and individuals who have a strong passion for dance across disciplines. 

  • We strive to provide excellence in training through informed teaching and learning pedagogy for our immediate community.

  • We provide mentorship for youth aspiring to pursue a career in dance and help them transition to further education in the UK, USA, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Class structure

  • Small groups of a maximum of 8 dancers per class

  • Allowing more personalized feedback for each dancer

Why choose Tarinao?

  • Each dancer's developmental needs are our number one priority.

  • We value an inclusive learning environment co-created by both teachers and students where creativity and appreciation of the art form are celebrated.

  • We do that by benchmarking dancers' progress through assessment material devised by teachers specifically for each batch of class, not a pre-set syllabus.

Service Contract

Face-to-face teaching & learning hours: minimum 100 hours per level to be eligible for consideration for an internal assessment by affiliate teacher, Jia Xi Lee, moderated by the Royal Ballet School with certification from the Royal Ballet School. 








Total fee/term


75 min

  • One ballet technique session

  • One creative practice & repertoire session

  • Total 2 sessions/week






  • Fees are paid each term or every 3 months depending on Tarinao’s calendar year which commences on the first Monday of September.

  • ATAP Level 1-3 consists of a total of 100 learning hours, including 90 hours of lessons throughout 3-terms and an additional 10 hours of assessment preparation.

  • Each session has a duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

  • Dancers are required to attend a minimum of two classes per week, one being a ballet technique class and the other a creative practice and repertoire class.

  • Classes will not be held during school holidays and public holidays. Notification of these holidays will be provided in advance based on the school year.

  • A fully refundable deposit fee of INR 2,500 is required for all ATAP enrolment, refundable upon completion of each level assessment.

  • No replacement is allowed for absence during programme terms. 

  • Additional private sessions can be arranged in lieu of absence with an additional private session fee to ensure timely progress towards assessment eligibility.

  • Absence due to reasonable cause, such as illness, injury, or immediate family emergencies (direct family such as parents/siblings only), is required to be evidenced by an official letter. To which Dancers may request for 1-to-1 teaching staff support based on staff’s teaching availability for up to 15 min per absence (maximum 2) at no additional cost.

  • Teaching staff will provide Dancer and parents with timely updates on Dancer’s progress and eligibility for ATAP assessment. Dancer and parent(s) agree to respect and trust the teaching staff’s decision for assessment enrolment to be final and irrevocable for the best interest of the Dancer.


Download the service contract to read through all the terms of contract that will apply to all dancers enrolled into services including ATAP Level 1-3:

ATAP Level 1-3 Service Contract
Download PDF • 239KB

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